Making HLS and MPEG-DASH easy

We address the challenges of deploying a pure HLS or MPEG-DASH distribution infrastructure across multiple devices and commercial models. Let us manage your video delivery so you can focus on your content and user experiences.

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Technologies & Approach

Traditional stitchers provide basic server-side Ad insertion but do not address device-specific needs, seamless failover for live and linear streams, and the ability to scale elastically as subscriber counts grow. Ad transactions enabled by device-optimized quartile-level impression tracking and smooth TV-like transitions for both VOD and Live/Linear stream types provide both the Ad Sales teams and the Product teams the experience they are looking for.
The Useful Media Power HLS and Power DASH series of products optimize HTTP delivery to provide cable-like experience including fast play-start technology and ultimate compatibility across the myriad of connected TV, consoles, and media player devices.